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 Why Clinics for a Cause?


  • You're looking for a new perspective on your horse and your riding.

  • You live in an area with few top trainers in your discipline.

  • You don't have your own trailer.

  • Your work schedule or budget makes it hard to ship for lessons.

  • Your horse somehow stops doing that one naughty thing as soon as your coach shows up.


These are just a few of the problems Clinics for a Cause can solve for riders anywhere in the world. Plus, you're giving back to other equestrians. A portion of our proceeds benefits the Equestrian Aid Foundation.

For just $40, you get up to 15 minutes of continuous video critiqued by a top professional in your discipline. Send in as many as you'd like. 


Choose a clinician and send a video of you riding


Your clinician watches your video and provides feedback


Watch your feedback video and improve your riding


Your purchase will benefit the Equestrian Aid Foundation disaster relief for equestrian professionals and industry service providers.


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About the Equestrian Aid Foundation


Click on the disciplines below to learn more about each clinician. You can submit video to anyone you'd like--even the same video to more than one if you would like multiple perspectives.

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The Equestrian Aid Foundation provides emergency, lifesaving financial grants to horsemen and women within the United States coping with catastrophic injury or illness. EAF invests in the future of its recipients, giving them the resources to recover and thrive in the face of adversity.


Through its Disaster Relief Fund, the Equestrian Aid Foundation assists equestrian communities in the aftermath of natural disasters or other events unpreventable through reasonable cautionary measures.  EAF has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering grants to equestrian professionals in unexpected financial crisis due to industry cancellations, closures, and shutdowns. For more information, please click here.


The Online Riders Collective is proud to support EAF’s COVID-19 emergency response through Clinics for a Cause.

Check out our YouTube Channel to see other riders' videos. 

(Sharing your video is optional--we will ask first!)



Alice Bruno and Jess Clawson founded The Online Riders Collective. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled them to find a way to help riders comply with safety measures and keep improving their riding --all while giving back.

Alice Bruno owns and operates Shenandoah Sporthorses, a boutique-style company that serves busy horse people in Virginia and surrounding states. Alice helps amateur riders sell horses that aren't a perfect match and find horses that are. She offers a curated selection of horses for sale and supports horse-and-rider pairs with services including horse transport, PEMF treatments, and layovers for horses and people at her farm in Lexington, Virginia, where she lives with her three children.

Jess Clawson is a freelance writer and consultant. They compete in eventing and dressage with a special love for OTTBs. Jess is also a Pony Club enthusiast--currently a horsemaster member of the Blue Ridge Hunt Pony Club and past Horse Management Organizer for the Virginia region. You can read Jess's writing on The Plaid Horse, Noelle Floyd, Horse Network, and more. 

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Conformation and Turnout Evaluations

Turnout option: 


Submit photographs of your show horse for feedback about your turnout! Liv of will evaluate your horse’s condition, grooming, tack and apparel and give suggestions for improving your first impression.


Please submit up to three photos, or include a link to a Google drive with multiple photos of the same horse. 


Conformation option: 


Get an expert opinion about your horse’s conformation and suitability for your chosen discipline. Select the discipline you participate in and we will select a professional within that discipline, or request one in the comments. 


Please submit up to three photos, or add a Google drive link with multiple photos and/or videos of your horse’s conformation and movement.


Questions? Email us!

Evaluate Horse For (select one):

Submit up to 3 photos (JPG or PNG)

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

OR submit the link to a folder with photos/videos of one horse.

Please submit Google Drive, Box, or DropBox links to your folder here.

By submitting your video you certify that the video is yours to distribute and edit.
You also agree to allow ORC to edit the video to include clinician feedback and ORC branding. 

Your form has been submitted! Thank you. 

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