Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch, of Napa, CA, has an extensive background in gaited horses including Racking Horses, Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Peruvian Pasos, as well as Morgans and American Saddlebreds. He is well versed in rail classes, with emphasis on equitation. As a young student, he excelled in equitation, and in later years studied under Jennie Jackson. Over the years he has held judging credentials in multiple Horse Industry Organizations, and the USEF. His philosophy is to tie the most consistent horse, that is executing the correct gaits in both directions. From schooling shows to National Championships, his warm nature and attention to detail is the reason he has been a favorite for many organizations. Currently, Michael is the owner and operations manager at BlackHawk Farms, where he exhibits and breeds Lakeland Terriers. He also enjoys spending time training his American Saddlebred mares.