Nahshon Cook

Nahshon Cook is a student and practitioner of the classical art of schooling horses without bullying, chasing, or aggression. He loves horses and believes they should be happier and healthier because we are in their lives. He specializes in starting, training, and rehabilitating riding horses by teaching them proper engagement of their backs. He also believes horses deserve good riders and strives to teach people to relax their horses by first relaxing themselves.

Apart from presenting at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, and accepting the invitation to present at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Nahshon Cook has also competed, trained and coached in Thailand and Germany. Currently, he’s hosted twice a year in Germany to work with students there. His main influences are Francois Baucher, Nuno Oliveria, Suzanne von Dietz, and Paul Belasik. He lives, trains and teaches out of his farm in Parker, Colorado.